DLTM was constituted under a framework agreement signed by Liguria regional council, the ministry of universities and research, and the ministry of economic development.

DLTM's aims are to:

  • Match supply and demand between businesses and science and technology researchers in Liguria;
  • Act as a centre for high-tech business development;
  • Carry out technology transfer for the local manufacturing sector, with particular attention to SMEs;
  • Develop a regional know-how infrastructure, create work and training opportunities, and support start-ups and spinoffs;
  • Act as the regional point of contact for a national and international marine technology network.


Since 2009, DLTM has almost doubled in size as new companies and research bodies join it. All members seek to promote integration between the local research and business sectors.

  • Naval systems for shipbuilding and pleasure boats;
  • Naval defence and security systems;
  • Monitoring, reclamation and safety of the marine environment.


DLTM provides equal representation for all players in the marine economy by promoting knowledge development and business expansion, and achieving a balance between:

  • The board of directors, representing primarily business interests
  • The scientific and technical committee, mainly representing the university and research sectors



  • Defence technology
    • Command and control
    • Logistics and environmental efficiency
    • Safety and security
    • Electronics and navigation systems
    • Simulators and training systems
    • Steering, control, and tracking

  • Shipbulding
    • Prototyping, construction and refitting
    • Training and research
    • Naval architecture
    • Navigation
    • Ship monitoring
    • Performance optimization

  • Monitoring, security, and protection of the marine environment
    • Marine simulation and forecasting
    • Environmental monitoring
    • Coastal zone management
    • Meteorology and climatology
    • Data security
    • Research and training
    • Engineering and technology
    • Oceanography and marine sciences
    • Robotics and underwater vehicles
    • (AUV/ROV/USV)
    • Software
    • Underwater equipment


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