Transfer to the former B. Falcomatà military hospital, and enhancement of the cooperative research laboratories

Scope: New DLTM headquarters at Ospedale B. Falcomatà and enhancement of the cooperative research labs

New headquarters and improved research laboratories

Completed start-up of cooperative laboratories (CoRe Labs), which will, over the next three years, receive €2 million in PAR-FSC funds to fully develop their research activities and operate more efficiently.

It will enhance the supercomputing centre by acquiring a new HPC cluster and cutting-edge software tools. The marine laboratory is to set up a monitoring station as part of the EMSO European network.

This will be managed by INGV, with all DLTM partners being involved.

DLTM will receive €3 million in PAR FSC funds to build its new headquarters at the Polo Marittimo della Spezia, formerly the B. Falcomatà military hospital. This strategically located site will allow even closer networking with the Polo Universitario Marconi della Spezia, including shared research laboratories.

Scheduled completion: 2016/2017

Nuova sede DLTM presso Ospedale B. Falcomatà
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