National and international networks and agreements

Transport clusters

  • Activities
    DLTM is a member of Cluster Transporti Italia 2020 for the maritime sector but is not a member of the cluster's marine sector division. The district coordinates the training workgroup and appoints a representative to the maritime transport workgroup.
    In the latter, it has helped to identify possible areas of research.
    In November, the training workgroup agreed on practical action to implement the cluster's strategic plan.

  • Forthcoming action
    Contribute to the new marine economy cluster as a founding partner, following publication of a notice by the Ministry of Education, Universities, and Research.


Marine Economy Cluster

  • Cluster Tecnologico Nazionale Blue Italian Growth (CTN BIG)
    The cluster's project proposal was formally approved by the ministry of education, universities and research in August 2017. Its aim, within the marine economy, is to create interaction between the public and private sectors, and create opportunities for technological innovation within the country's manufacturing sector. It also promotes consultations and coordination between key players in public- and private-sector research in collaboration with the relevant ministries.
    DLTM was a founding member of Associazione Cluster BiG, constituted on 2 October 2017 and based in Naples. In July 2018 its President, G. Lorenzo Forcieri, was appointed as a member of its management council and subsequently of the executive committee. After an initial phase of transition, the assembly resolved to adopt a system of governance supported by broad member representation. Its president is Roberto Cimino of ENI Spa.
    The scientific committee and workgroups have begun drafting the implementation plan, by identifying and articulating technology roadmaps and defining support activities and programmes dedicated to southern Italy. Once the implementation plan has been approved by the governing bodies, and the cluster officially recognised by the education ministry, it will constitute Cluster BIG's strategic and operational agenda for the next three years.


Bilateral agreements (Korea, Brazil, Pôle Mer Méditerranée)


  • POLE MER MEDITERRANEE (French competitive unit devoted to the marine economy)
    Partnership agreement, signed in 2009, concerning collaboration and promotion of activities in support of SMEs, partnership opportunities, commercial initiatives, and project finance.

  • KOREA – RIMS (Research Institute of Medium&Small shipbuilding) e HIRPE (Honam Institute for Regional Program Evaluation)
    Memorandum of understanding signed in 2014 for the exchange of strategic information on Korean and Italian companies wishing to expand in these two countries, and to support research companies and projects; collaboratively identifying commercial opportunities and transactions between stakeholders, promoting trade fairs and missions.

    In February 2015, DLTM signed a memorandum of understanding with the chamber of commerce and port authority of La Spezia, and the Italian-Brazilian chamber of commerce for the northeast region (Fortaleza) defining a two-year collaborative action plan to establish a marine technology district in the Pecèm (Ceara) industrial and port complex, develop cooperative projects, facilitate the exchange of information between various sectors connected with port traffic, and sign research cooperation agreements with institutes and universities.


Forthcoming action

DLTM will evaluate new opportunities for cooperation with countries and international bodies, partly in order to work together on new community planning opportunities. It will also work on more detailed implementation of the protocols it has signed.


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